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COP Code of Conduct-forum and game

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COP Code of Conduct-forum and game

Post by CoP_Admin on Fri Dec 17, 2010 6:39 pm

Try to follow this path, and maybe one day you'll become a "Wielder of values!"


We accept people as they are, displaying kindness and sensitivity to them.

Examples of behaviours that reinforce our value of Compassion
• Treating people as we would like to be treated
• Treating everyone fairly and with sensitivity
• Striving to support those in need, no matter how distressed or disadvantaged
• Making our workplace one that affirms life and friendly atmosphere.
• Seeing a situation from another personʼs point of view
• Striving to meet the needs of others in a timely and respectful manner

Examples of behaviours that conflict with our value of Compassion
• Shouting, belittling or insulting others
• Ignoring people when they need help
• Being unwilling to listen to someoneʼs side of the story
• Being critical and judgmental of others


We act with integrity and believe that everyone has the right to live without discrimination.

Examples of behaviours that reinforce our value of Justice
• Behaving honestly in all duties
• Dealing with all matters in a consistent, prompt, reasonable and non-discriminatory manner
• Maintaining confidentiality
• Avoiding situations where private interests interfere with the performance of our official duties
• Having due regard for the resources we use in our work and using them efficiently
• Ensuring our words and actions reflect our values

Examples of behaviours that conflict with our value of Justice
• Behaving towards the public allies or colleagues in a way that is offensive or leads to embarrassment
• Using information in an inappropriate or unethical way when performing our duties
• Seeking or accepting gifts from the public for services performed which might compromise the
manner in which we fulfill our roles
• Stealing from the workplace or from those with whom we come in contact


We treat all people with care, acknowledging each person is unique in the eyes of God.

Examples of behaviours that reinforce our value of Dignity
• Respecting the dignity and value of each human or alien person or entity.
• Recognizing that everyone in our environment has diverse needs: physical, emotional, psychological
and spiritual
• Trying at all times to use an individualʼs proper name and title
• Upholding a personʼs right to confidentiality and privacy when dealing with information
about them

Examples of behaviours that conflict with our value of Dignity
• Harassing people or discriminating against them on the grounds of their race, age, religion,
disability or sexuality
• Talking about other people behind their back in an inappropriate or disrespectful way
either via words, actions or gestures


We excel in all that we do so that we can positively promote our way of living within our society.

Examples of behaviours that reinforce our value of Excellence
• Ensuring that, to the best of our ability, we commit to seeing a task through to the end
• Owning up to our mistakes and learning from the experience
• Being efficient and economical in the use and management of resources
• Having pride in our work, our workplace and our appearance
• Providing a framework within which we exercise personal accountability
• Being flexible when presented with alternative ideas
• Encouraging innovation in the pursuit of better results
• Doing what we will say we will do, fulfilling our promises and commitments

Examples of behaviours that conflict with our value of Excellence
• Tolerating inefficient or mediocre performance
• Ignoring safety hazards in the workplace
• Refusing to accept a challenge related to work practice or performance improvement
• Addressing issues only when they become critical
• Believing ʻmy way is the only wayʼ of doing things and being closed to ways of improving
our environment.


We create a community in which we collaborate with gentleness as a sign that we value one another.

Examples of behaviours that reinforce our value of Unity
• Being open to the ideas and contributions of others.
• Sharing information, knowledge and expertise with colleagues and allies
• Recognizing and acknowledging those who have performed well
• Assisting a colleague or ally with a task rather than looking the other way
• Creating an environment which fosters and encourages change, growth and trust
• Consulting with colleagues when dealing with issues or challenges

Examples of behaviours that conflict with our value of Unity
• Taking credit for the work of others
• Spreading gossip
• Refusing to help another person in need
• Keeping information to oneʼs self when it would be better to share it with colleagues


We value relationships that promote forgiveness and compassion within our community.

Examples of behaviours that reinforce our value of Mercy
• Maintaining positive relationships with those with whom we come in contact
• Going out of our way in responding to the needs of others
• Referring a person to someone who can help them
• Caring for the poor, marginalised and disadvantaged with whom we come in contact

Examples of behaviours that conflict with our value of Mercy
• Failing to help when we see a need
• Failing to meet the needs of people, allies or colleagues by providing a substandard level of
• Resisting or avoiding the opportunity to reconcile differences


We welcome people with kindness and do all that we can to assist their free will and wellbeing.

Examples of behaviours that reinforce our value of Hospitality
• Treating everyone with courtesy and respect
• Doing our best to make people feel welcome
• Acting in a way that makes a person feel safe, at home and at ease
• Creating an atmosphere of personal friendliness
• Maintaining clean, professional and safe environments that show we value people

Examples of behaviours that conflict with our value of Hospitality
• Responding to a person with disinterest or lack of concern
• Knowingly making a person feel inadequate or embarrassed
• Ignoring individuals when they ask for help


We uphold the worth and dignity of all people regardless of their circumstance.

Examples of behaviours that reinforce our value of Respect
• Treating those we meet with respect, courtesy and sensitivity
• Valuing the competence and expertise of our colleagues and allies.
• Having an understanding response to inadvertent mistakes
• Respecting a personʼs right to make choices
• Communicating in a way that fosters trust and encourages others to speak openly

Examples of behaviours that conflict with our value of Respect
• Showing disrespect for another personʼs privacy
• Being dismissive of an individualʼs ideas or beliefs
• Acting in an aggressive or bullying manner
• Being unwilling to engage in communication that will contribute to a better working
relationship with other members of our community

Use brute force, as a last resort!

Our behavior toward dishonorable enemies..."Show them no mercy, for you shall receive none!" Wink

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