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COP storyline

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COP storyline

Post by CoP_Admin on Fri Dec 17, 2010 5:05 pm


We are an ancient Order, founded in the dark times of human honor and morals.

From the beginning, our task was to help men and women to conduct with honor, live in the respect of cultures, adopt ethical ways of living and show them how to be in harmony with the Cosmos.

Many of us got killed throughout history, only because of our different way of thinking and acting.
Preconceptions and persecutions filled our days and nights, we had to face hatred and violence from others and for this reason, we developed skills of self-defense. To ensure our ideas and our teachings do not get buried in the past, we sometimes had to respond by force too.

Now, we are summoned from the deepness of the space and time to stop the chaos and bring back the long-time forgotten values to Humanity...

We are the Guardians of the Forgotten Values.
We are the Convention of Preservers!

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