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Application (Nikolaz72)-/Accepted\

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Solved Application (Nikolaz72)-/Accepted

Post by Nikolaz72 on Wed Jan 04, 2012 1:51 am

1. Real name: Nikolaj Albrekt

2. Country/Timezone*: Denmark. GMT+1.

3. Desired activity as COP: Fighter Pilot. Militant Law Enforcement Division. I wish to make the Pirates and Terrorists pay for their injustices towards our fine Freelancer and Tradingfirms. Spreading chaos and making the travelers life one where he must constantly fear for his well being.

4. Freelancer background*: Starting his career as a freelancer but a week ago after years of training. Nikolaz has fought many terrorists. His encountered pirates several times, and seen with his own eyes, the weapons that they bring to bear. He has never dared engage them, not alone anyway. He has done some work hauling cargo for some Rhineland cargo transport company, although. Constantly getting destrupted by bandits and thieves. He decided to take on mercenary work, he however, does not wish to be a tool for the policeforce. Hunting down smalltime crooks anymore. He wishes to join them, and fight the real dangers.

5. Experience (details please*): Having explored the Rhineland and New York system, Texas, Colorado, California, New London and the systems around it. He has seen quite a bit, his even been to the Sol system. Once. Where he gave a lot of money to improve his reputation with the Coalition. His not fought against other freelancers before, nor pirates. He took a single mercenary job but, he didnt manage to finish it.

6. Your in-Game name*- Nikolaz

7. Your activity at server*(ex. few hours per day, few hours per week...approximately)- Well, the last couple of days I havent slept an awfull lot 'thats how much I played' but less than 20 hours a day once school starts xD. Probably a couple hours a day.

8. Total Hours played*(must be at least 100 hours on one, or a total on all your characters, and must be proven with ScreenSht)- Less than a 100 hours in total. I guess this is invalidated for the next couple of days.

9. What do you bring to Convention of preservers?*(ex: trade, good fighting, interpersonal skills, PC programing skills, foreign languages...) I have decent fighting skills 'can definetely improve em', I once worked a bit in the trading business but as of now I fly a very heavy fighter. I believe there can never be enough justice in the galaxy. That is not to say that we have a lot of it, the damn injustice is just about everywhere. I figure the cops needs one such as myself. One more soul who truly understands the meaning of preserving peace. One that understands when its time to use the mouthpiece and when it is time to use the energyguns trigger.

10. Please, tell us few words about your self Smile: Im Nikolaj. Im 17 and I go to a college/gymnasium esque place that servers the purpose of eating all my time (one thing it has in common with this game actually) Im an avid roleplayer of, about five years. And I wish to join the group because, well. Someones gonna clean up the trash right?


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Solved Re: Application (Nikolaz72)-/Accepted\

Post by Bond on Wed Jan 04, 2012 8:34 am

Thank you for ur application Nikolaz!
You make me laugh at some point while reading this, which is good.
Because, one for sure, police business can be very boring and stressful from time to time, so ppl with some spirit and sense for joking are always welcomed.

However you need to reach the given criteria for CoP two weeks pilgrimage trial, which i can see... will be very soon!
Until that i suggest u to read this forum where u will find many useful things about history of our ancient order, about our Code of Conduct and many, many other things!
Don't hesitate to ask whatever u want to know!
From now on u are under protection of Police forces all over the Sirius!

Grand Master


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02 - Grand Master

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Solved Re: Application (Nikolaz72)-/Accepted\

Post by SA_FORLON on Fri Jan 06, 2012 8:26 pm

Welcome in Crossfire universe and here too Nikolaj! Smile ... in case you will need anytime friendly merc help, call.

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Solved Re: Application (Nikolaz72)-/Accepted\

Post by Sponsored content

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