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Useful links

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Useful links

Post by CoP_Admin on Sun Jan 16, 2011 6:38 am

Forum rules; CoP RP rules and CoC; CF Server and RP Rules!
Do not be intimidated by the rules, better learn about, rather than to be afraid of them!
On the other hand, if you think you are the smart ass who can mess with rules, be ready to face the consequences!

Crossfire FAQ

Crossfire Installation Guide

Freelancer Mod Manager 1.31

Freelancer ID Changer
As simple as clicking 2 buttons to switch your IDs, even without closing Crossfire/Freelancer game. Just returning to the select server list, whenever you changed your FL ID (before returning to te server ist, or while you're on that list), your ID is changed successfully and with no bugs.

This tool allows you to remove the HUD as well as mouse cursor seperate from each other from the in-game screen. Thus it could be used for making fullsize screenshots or for making fullscreen videos.

"Old" Crossfire Information Database
Not functional anymore!

Crossfire Maps
All sector maps up to CF 1.9


BG-Blood Guard-Military ASF RP
CFPD-Crossfire Police Department-Police ASF RP
DC-Dragon Corpse-Police CSF RP
Fallen-Fallen-Pirate CSF RP
IOC-Independent Operators’ Consortium-Smuggler ASF RP
LP-Lost Prophets-Pirate CSF RP
PX-The Knights of Mercy-Mercenaries CSF RP
SA-Silwer Arrows-Mercenaries ASF RP
SMG-Sirius Marauder Gang-Pirate CSF RP
TOD-The Dragons-Mercenaries RP ASF or CSF?
TRF-The Resurrection Fighters-Pirate CSF RP (ex CF clan, we hope to see them back again)
UR-United Rebels-Police ASF RP
GOP-Guild of Pirates-Pirate CSF RP


*Some clans are not listed due to lack of data!

more to come: clan links...etc

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