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COP role play & rules!

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COP role play & rules!

Post by CoP_Admin on Fri Jan 07, 2011 5:27 am

"Well...Our basic role play is police, but because we are the guardians of the forgotten values, we appreciate and welcome every man as well as clan with ethic and positive behavior toward others!"

CoP Grand Master

But...Crossfire ROLE PLAY-RULES!

Section 2 – Role-Playing rules
Crossfire is a role-playing server. This means that each character adopts a role and plays the game in that style. The role-playing rules apply to the entire Crossfire universe, with the following exceptions:

New York
This system is a safe haven for new players. PvP is not permitted here. Experienced players may transit through this system or assist new players here otherwise they should avoid New York.

Arena, Cube Arena & Coliseum
These are event systems and are not part of the role-playing universe. Players can use these systems for training, testing ship configurations and taking part in events. Players should not use these systems to avoid RP or protect stores ships. Players within these systems (eligible to RP) must leave if another player wishes to RP with them. The player must exit in a timely fashion though not necessarily through the nearest exit.

Clan Systems
Each server clan has ownership of a system. Within this system, the clan is able to set theirs own rules. Rules for these systems are published by the clan and should be checked before entry. Clan system rules should be submitted to SP/Admin for approval.

During Events
Various events are run on the server. While taking part in an event, role-playing rules are suspended.

Section 2a – General Role-Playing Rules
It is considered cheating to abuse the mechanics of the game. There are processes within Freelancer that are not realistic but are required to make the game work. Taking advantage of these is not allowed. These include but are not restricted to:

Spawn Killing
When a ship undocks or exits a jump gate/hole it has a brief period where the shields are inactive and the ship may not manoeuvre. Ships may not be attacked during this period. (The best way to make sure you’re now spawnkilling is to wait until the player moves)

Abusing F1
You must not use F1 to exit the game while your character is in space or switch chars (i.e. not docked at a planet or space station) under these conditions:

Avoid any RP situation.
Wait for a wreck to re-activate when the server reboots
Take advantage of the fact that when you rejoin, your shield is fully recharged.

Taking advantage of bugs in the game is not allowed.

When a ship is destroyed it respawns at the last place it was docked with all recent damage erased. Deliberately using this to avoid either travelling time or repair costs is not allowed. This includes suicide by planet, NPC or hazards (mines, etc)

Section 2b – ASF/CSF Role-Playing Rules

Faction systems:
ASF Systems:
(23 systems) California, Colorado, Sea of Shadows, Texas, Oasis, Kepler, Galileo, Bering, Hudson, Cortez, Hamburg, Wanderer's Pond, Frankfurt, Stuttgart, Dresden, Sigma 13, Sigma 17, Omicron Gamma, Omicron Theta, Midpoint Rift, Omega 11, Omega 41, Omega 7
CSF Systems:
(23 systems) Dublin, Leeds, Manchester, Cambridge, Edinburgh, Hyperion, Tau 23, Tau 29, Tau 31, Tau 37, Omicron Alpha, Omicron Beta, Kyushu, Chugoku, Hokkaido, Shikoku, Honshu, Sigma 19, Magellan, Omega 3, Omega 5, Inner Cloud, The Corridor.

This are only the initial systems, the roleplay factions can gain control over enemy systems, the current ownership of the systems can be found on the Crossfire News Network:

New York, New Berlin, New Tokyo, New London, Nomad systems (5 unknowns), Styx, Mandar, Kandiris, Lost Paradise & Utopia, Coalition systems, DK systems, X-3043, X-systems (adjacent to X-3043), Far Point, Arena systems, Midpoint Rift,

Faction clans:
ASF Clans:
[SFP]Sirius Federal Police, (IOC) Independent Operators' Consortium, BG - Blood Guard, DC - Dragon Corps, PX - Knights of Mercy
CSF Clans:
{LP}Lost Prophets, {SMG}Sirius Mercenary Guild, (Fallen) Fallen, -=[T-R-F]=- The Resurrection Fighters

ASF/CSF contest rules:
1. ASF/CSF contest is held during the last full calendar week of each month ; both RP types run concurrently (faction & open RP) .
2. All server clans are eligible for the ASF/CSF, and are expected to participate as much as possible. Only server clan members and qualified freelancers may mount ASF or CSF licenses for the server RP. Freelancers who have logged at least 100 hours on the CF server may register for ASF/CSF licensing on the ASF/CSF forums.
3. ALL licensed ships are fair game (open to attack) anywhere in the contested systems, at any time during the event week. Licenses must remain mounted for the entire event week, or the scoring system will lose accuracy.
4. Players may dock, but not "camp", their characters in enemy territory. There will be occasions when a player cannot return to friendly space during their online session, such as unexpected server restarts, but as a rule, players are not allowed to leave ships in enemy territory. No ship left behind enemy lines will be allowed to initiate an attack until it returns to its own faction's space and dock there, but may defend itself en route to home systems. Players may not dock in a system declared by the opposite faction to be the chosen system to be defended in a given battle, but must attack that system from an adjacent system.
5. Raids may be carried out against any contested system, provided the invaders survive long enough to reach it (combat can occur en route to a target system, as well). Players may use any scheme they choose to create a pretext for combat, and just play it out.
6. Faction members are required to at least attempt a defense of a system invaded by the enemy, and engage irrespective of the odds against them. Defenders have the perogative to call for reinforcements prior to making a defense, and if the defenders are still outmatched in skill or numbers, they may abort the defense once they are outscored 5 kills by the attackers. Once a defense has been aborted, the defending players may not be attacked again in the same system for at least 1 hour during which time the vanquished defenders must leave the system.
7. Kills will be scored by the "AutoReferee", the new RP stat tool. This will sort PvP kills in each contested system by faction licences, and report these stats daily. The daily results will enable factions to plan attacks and bolster defences.
8. The AutoReferee will tally the kills, and determine the winner of each system once per week; system control to be decided by a 5-kill margin over the opposing faction. The 1-week period required to capture a system allows for more coordinated actions, and for players in all time zones to make a contribution to the battle over each system. All system wins and losses will be posted together; for example, ASF may win 4 systems and CSF 3 different systems in the same week.
9. The revised political map gives each faction control of 23 systems. When one faction captures 15 of these systems (67%) , it is declared the winner of the campaign, and the map is reset. A running campaign score will be kept on the roleplay board, like a sports rivalry. (The victory margin in the last rule was adjusted, because no faction has ever won enough systems to have a clear victory to date.)

Open RP Rules:
This rule governing trade monopolies was discussed as a means of adding a more aggressive element to the smuggler/trader RP, on the same level as police & pirates:
Trade Monopolies: Any clan which has declared a trade monopoly on a specific class of cargo may demand a royalty from players outside their clan who are caught carrying monopoly cargo. Monopoly-holders may scan all players for controlled goods, but may not fire on a monopoly-breaker without asking for royalty and receiving an answer no matter if this reply is written word or an action. If the player does pay then the monopolist can be happy. If the player does not pay the monopolist may destroy him. If a player has paid a royalty, he may not be charged again within the next 2 hours.

Taxes, Fines, Bounty, Royalty:
Rank 40-50: max. $500k
Rank 51-60: max. $1mio
Rank 61 and more: max. $10mio

Section 2c – Open (Cop/Mercenary/Pirate/Smuggler) Role-Playing Rules
Note: Character refers to a single character within the game. Player refers to the individual playing.
The Open Role-Play runs 24/7. In the Open Role-Play you play as if you where a Police Officer, Mercenary, Pirate or Smuggler. Characters actively participate in this by purchasing and mounting the appropriate Role-Playing licence. Characters below 40th level are exempt from the Open Role-Play, all other characters are included whether they have a Role-Play licence mounted or not. If you do not have a licence mounted then you may still be included in the Open Role-Play: Pirates may still tax you, Police fine you and Mercenaries pursue bounties placed on you. ASF/CSF role-play takes priority over open role-play.

Pirate Syndicate Licence
Mounting this licence and your character becomes a pirate. You make your money through taxation (extortion) of other characters. You offer the character the alternative of either paying tax or being destroyed. Pirates can tax anybody and everybody (except characters under 40th level) police, mercenaries, smugglers, freelancers and other pirates. If they refuse to pay, then the pirate may open fire and attempt to destroy them. A refusal may be in the form of word or deed (running, opening fire or not responding within a reasonable time). Pirates are allowed to shoot at their targets (max. until shields are down) before they are going to issue any tax requests.

Police are the natural enemy of pirates and as such pirates may open fire on Police Officers at will and without warning. All other players must have refused to pay tax before they can be engaged.

The maximum a pirate can tax a character is set by the characters level (see below)

Police Licence
Mount this licence and your character is a Police Officer. You work to maintain law and order across the universe. Police officers take action against those involved in illegal acts. Illegal Acts: Smuggling – Police may scan any vessel for illegal goods (Cardamines, Alien Artefacts and Black Market Goods (BMG)). If a Smuggler is found with illegal goods, they may be fined and/or have their cargo taken and destroyed. If the smugglers refuse to pay the fine and/or drop their cargo, the police officer may destroy them. A refusal may be by word, action (attempting to run or opening fire) or by not responding in a reasonable time.

Piracy – The police may also fine characters for acts of piracy or being a known pirate (having a Pirate Syndicate Licence mounted). Acts of piracy include attacking ships (except know pirates) for profit (collecting bounties) or fun. Mercenaries who are working for pirates are also considered to be engaged in piracy for the duration of their contracts. Known pirates, character with a Pirates Syndicate Licence mounted may be engaged at will and without warning. The maximum a police officer can fine a character is set by the character's level (see below).

Mercenary Licence
Mount a Mercenary Licence and your character becomes a gun for hire. You may accept contracts from any other characters (pirate, cops, smugglers, freelancers or other mercenaries). You may charge what ever you like for your services, as long as the client is prepared to pay it. Typically mercenaries will be hired to protect traders from pirates, smugglers from pirates and cops or by cops/pirates to add extra fire power.
Note: Mercenaries are allowed to act in defence whilst fulfilling their contracts if their clients are attacked

A mercenary licence also allows you to collect public bounties placed on other characters. Public bounties are placed on characters by using the “/setbounty” command in the chat window. Private bounties may also be arranged through adverts on the SWAT forum or directly communication between employer and bounty hunter. Mercenaries may attack without warning any player with a bounty (public or privately) on them. There are limits to the value a bounty can be set by the characters level (see below).

[Mercenaries are not allowed to collect bounties set by them or their clan; you cannot place a bounty on a player to give yourself an excuse to attack them]

Smugglers Syndicate Licence
By mounting a Smugglers Syndicate Licence your character becomes a smuggler. You are able to buy and sell BMG’s (Black Market Goods) which are both highly profitable and highly illegal.

Limits for Bounties, Fines and Taxes
Character Level Limit

Under 40 No Bounties, Fines or Taxes can be placed on these characters
40 to 49 Up to $500.000
50 to 59 Up to $1.000.000
60 and above Up to $10.000.000

Bounties should not be set at less than $1.000.000

The Two Hour Limit
If a character pays her/his tax or fine they may not be taxed, fined or attacked for two hours. Except if a cop fines a player and is furthermore caught doing illegal actions – the cop is still allowed to enforce the law and order all over Sirius. On the contrary pirates are not allowed to tax a player within two ours once he paid. Players who got taxed may not be taxed by the same player again within two hours – but this applies not to the whole clan. No player may put a bounty on a character more frequently than once every 2 hours.

PvP (Player vs. Player) Combat

You are not allowed to reload (use nanobots and/or shield batteries) during PvP fights. The exception to this is when a Train is being attacked by fighter or capital ship when it is begrudgingly permitted. NEW: Reloading (the use of nanobots and/or shield batteries) during a Player vs. Player fight is not forbidden. However, it is advised not to do it since it just drags out the fights but very likely doesn’t change anything about the outcome.

Characters may choose to do PvP combat by mutual agreement if no legitimate Role-Playing reason exists. It is preferable to do this in the Arena Systems.

Mass PvP Combat
In situations where fights involving more than two characters are going on, bystanders should be careful. If you get too close you may find yourself attacked in the confusion of mass combat. This may be an unfortunate accident but you only have yourself to blame for not keeping clear. Mass combat will usually take place near a dock. If you wish to observe a combat without taking part, then you may position yourself stationary near this dock. This will not guarantee your safety (especially if you are legitimate target). You should consider not using any mines in mass combats – they are causing massive lag and will destroy the fun for everyone.

English only in System Chat
English is the default language of Crossfire and should be the only language used in system chat.

Self Defence
No matter what the role-playing situation is, if a player is fired upon first they have the right to defend themselves.

Crossfire Mod © by SWAT_OP-R8R
Crossfire © 2003-2011 by

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