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Forum rules

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Forum rules

Post by CoP_Admin on Sat Dec 18, 2010 11:22 am

Forum rules are intended to help "keep the peace" and to allow everyone to be able to speak their minds but with these guidelines to ensure no offenses occur towards guests and registered users. Breaking of any of these rules may result in post deletion, temporary ban of your account, or permanent IP ban from the COP forum. This decision will be made by the Admin Team.

The following rules apply:

1. No profanity. We can express ourselves in a manner that does not require obscenities to prove the point.
2. No racial comments - PERIOD! Admin reserves the right to delete these posts and ban the person using racial comments with or without prior notice.
3. No pornographic content. Admin will allow "artistic" photos but reserves the right to pass judgment on what is classified as art.
4. No double posts please. There is an edit button on your last post, please learn to use it.
5. No "flame-spraying" other users. If you have something negative to say or have "choice words" for other users, send them a Private Message (PM). Admin will warn you once but not twice.
6. No naming calling. If you call someone by any other name other than what that person likes to be called, that is considered name calling. That will not be tolerated and it will be *censored*.
7. Avatars have a maximum of 150 X 200 pixels and 64kb. If it exceeds that limit, your avatar will be removed. Please size accordingly.
8. There is no limit for your signature but please keep in mind that the bigger your signature, the more scrolling everyone has to do to read what you've got to say.
9. The topic of religion is not preferred but post at your own risk. Everyone has the right to their own opinion so if someone disagrees with your point of view, either accept it or Admin will lock the thread.
10. Admin will set each users rights according to a predefined list. If you want more access then what you have, please ask and Admin will determine if you are granted access.
11. All forum rules are subject to change at the whim of Admin. Please review these rules occasionally for changes.

• Warez / Piracy / Hacking / Viruses, or illegal mp3's
• Adult / Obscene material
• Depictions of Minors/Children (even minimal sexual context is not allowed)
• Illegal Drugs / Terrorism
• Derogatory/Slanderous/Racial/Explicit Material
• Sharing of passwords / Serial Numbers /
• Invasion on privacy / Impersonation of others
• Spam / MLM
• Harassment
• Illegal Conduct of Any Sort

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